Printed appendices

The printed work included attached appendices, which are attached in the printed thesis. This web-version of the work links directly to the printed appendices.

Appendix 1: Collection of questions for the interviews

This collection of questions has been used to guide through the inter- views. The interviews took place in a responsive nature, so that not all questions where asked in all interviews.

Discussion questions

First ask everyone to tell about experiences, and then start talking about the prototype, the project and the relationship to walking.

Interview questions

What do you think about the Urban Alphabets project?

What would make it more likely that you use the App in future? (e.g., better design, better usability, friends using the app, a surrounding social network,…)

Do you think you paid more attention to letters while using the App than you do in everyday life? If yes, why?

Did using the app affect your behavior? (Did you e.g., not pay attention to a bike passing by and got almost hit? Did you talk to other people more or less than usually?)

Usability questions

How did you feel about using the app?

Were there any difficulties in using the app?

Did you like the overall look and feel?

Were the interactions logical?

Closing questions

How could you see yourself using the app?/What other ideas do you have how this app could be used?

Appendix 2: Example of a paper-based survey

The paper-based survey was distributed in the end of every workshop. The example stems from the workshop in Sao Paulo. All paper-based surveys can be found in digital appendix 2.

Appendix 3: Example of a follow-up survey logic

The follow-up surveys were sent to the workshop participants who had consented two to four weeks after the workshops. The example stems from the follow-up survey after the workshop in Riga. All other sur- veys followed the same logic. They sometimes used slightly different wording.

Appendix 4: Example of an analyzed interview transcript

The example stems from the workshop in Madrid. All analyzed inter- view transcripts can be found in digital appendix 5.

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Appendix 5: Correlation analysis of future use expectancy of UA and graphic design (cross-tabulation, chi-square test)

This is one of the examples of the cross-tabulation. All correlation analyses can be found in digital appendix 8.

Appendix 6: Visualizations of correlation analysis

The visualizations of the cross-tabulation is based on the answers from the paper-based surveys, which can be found in digital appendix 3.