Digital Appendices

The digital appendices are a crucial part of this work. They faciliate understanding the argumentation and evidence the argumentation (e.g., conclusions from participant observation).

Digital appendix 1: Video of the urban screen in Helsinki

This video does not contain a full loop through the urban screen in Helsinki but it gives a good understanding what all urban screens looked like.

Digital appendix 2: Paper-based surveys

Digital appendix 2-1: Munich

Digital appendix 2-2: Madrid

Digital appendix 2-3: Riga

Digital appendix 2-4: Berlin

Digital appendix 2-5: Sao Paulo

Digital appendix 2-6: Liverpool

Digital appendix 3: Results from the paper-based surveys

Digital appendix 3-1: Madrid

Digital appendix 3-2: Riga

Digital appendix 3-3: Sao Paulo

Digital appendix 3-4: Liverpool

Digital appendix 3-5: All cities

Digital appendix 4: Results from the follow-up survey

Digital appendix 4-1: Madrid

Digital appendix 4-2: all cities

Digital appendix 5: Analyzed interview transcripts

Digital appendix 5-1: Munich

Digital appendix 5-2: Madrid

Digital appendix 5-3: Riga

Digital appendix 5-4: Sao Paulo 2

Digital appendix 5-5: Sao Paulo 3

Digital appendix 5-6: Liverpool 1

Digital appendix 5-7: Liverpool 2

Digital appendix 5-8: Liverpool 3

Digital appendix 6: Participant observation video

The participant observation scenes of each city are composed into a single video. In the following table the number (e.g., 0:04) shows the time when the scene begins in the respective video. The table also gives an overview of contents of the individual scenes.

Digital appendix 6-1: Munich

scene 01 0:04Looking down

scene 02 0:30Wandering around, looking closely, outsider’s reaction

scene 03 1:32Looking down, stopping

Digital appendix 6-2: Madrid

scene 01 0:04Effort for best photos, pointing

scene 02 0:41Pointing, effort for best photo, outsider’s reaction

scene 03 0:59Taking photos close to each other

scene 04 1:15Gathering to see current alphabet

scene 05 1:25Handmade letters

scene 06 1:46Talking to shop keeper, outsider’s reaction

scene 07 2:33Outsider’s reaction

Digital appendix 6-3: Riga

scene 01 0:04Looking over each other’s shoulder, initial unfamiliarity

scene 02 0:23Looking over each other’s shoulder, taking time

scene 03 1:13Taking time, helping each other

scene 04 1:30Looking at device together

Digital appendix 6-4: Helsinki

scene 01 0:04Helping each other, pointing

scene 02 0:36Working together, looking at one screen together

scene 03 0:46Pointing, speeding up

scene 04 1:10Insisting on specific letter

scene 05 2:32Effort for best possible photo (shoulder)

scene 06 2:07Walking off usual walkway

scene 07 2:20Pointing, looking around

scene 08 2:41Running, pointing (multiple times)

scene 09 3:28Taking photo together

Digital appendix 6-5: Berlin

scene 01 0:04Spending time in unusual locations

scene 02 0:37Looking at details, looking down

scene 03 0:59Spending time in unusual locations, looking at details

scene 04 1:39Outsider’s reaction / talking to outsider

Digital appendix 6-6: Sao Paulo

scene 01 0:04Attention to details, crowd movement

scene 02 0:18Discussion about the alphabet

scene 03 0:29Outsider’s reaction

scene 04 1:03Things as letters

scene 05 1:15Time wondering around, pointing

Digital appendix 6-7: Liverpool

scene 01 0:04Details usually unnoticed

scene 02 0:29Looking at smartphone together

scene 03 0:48Pointing, Discussion among group, things as letters

scene 04 1:06Handmade letters, looking at device together, switching attention

scene 05 1:52Pointing, looking at screen together

scene 06 2:18Details often unnoticed

scene 07 2:31Approaching car only being noticed by video recorder

scene 08 2:42Unusual locations

scene 09 2:58Handmade letter on condensed glass

scene 10 3:48Pointing

Digital appendix 7: Analysis of the individual workshops

This digital appendix includes the written analyses of individual workshops written as a memory aid and basis for analysis of changes in public space in this work.

Digital appendix 7-1: Munich

Digital appendix 7-2: Madrid

Digital appendix 7-3: Riga

Digital appendix 7-4: Helsinki

Digital appendix 8: Correlation analysis of the cross-tabulation

Digital appendix 8-1: Future use expectancy - Graphic design

Digital appendix 8-2: Future use expectancy - Writing Systems

Digital appendix 8-3: Future use expectancy - Shopping

Digital appendix 8-4: Future use expectancy - Cities

Digital appendix 8-5: Future use expectancy - Modes of Transportation

Digital appendix 8-6: Future use expectancy - Advertising

Digital appendix 8-7: Future use expectancy - Smartphone apps

Digital appendix 9: Use scenarios (Feb 2013)

Digital appendix 9-1: Lisa - the first-time user

Digital appendix 9-2: Tapio - the super-user