Related Projects

This is currently just an unorderd list of projects, images and other things related to the Urban Alphabets project in one way or another.

The Visual Dictionary - a collection of words in the real world. Photographs of signage, graffiti, advertising, tattoos.

FlickR album "Eine's East End Shopfront Shutter Letters" by Dave Gorman - he tracked down the letters of the street artist Eline in East London during few days and got help from other FlickR users when searching for the missing letters in the alphabet.

Type the sky by Lisa Rientermann - an alphabet made looking up to the sky in the backyards of housing blocks.

New York Numbers Instagram feed

Rhett Dashwood's Google Map Typography (also as available as art prints here)

Alphabet Truck Vol. 2 by Florence Loewy - photos of letters on the back of trucks on the empty highway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.

Buchstabenmuseum Berlin (letter museum) - a non-profit orginization for preserving and documenting letterforms ans signs.

Found Alphabet - a commercial project that lets you choose your own word, write it using their selection of photographed letters and get it printed and framed.