There are different ways to participate in the Urban Alphabets project. The easiest way is to get your smartphone out of the pocket, download the iOS or Android app and start making your own Urban Alphabets.

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Upcoming shows

Jerusalem (MusaraMix festival): 2.-5. Juni 2015

Moscow (Museum of Moscow, Moscow Day 2015): 3.-6. September 2015; workshop in Moscow already during Moscow Museum Night (16. May)

Previous shows

During 2014 Urban Alphabets was shown as part of the CCN Events in Aarhus, Berlin, Helsinki, Liverpool, Madrid, Riga, and Sao Paulo. During the event you could use the current Urban Alphabet of your city to write your own Urban Postcards and send them to the Media facade in your city!

Aarhus: 20.-22. November 2014

Berlin: 12.-14. September 2014

Helsinki: 21.-24. August 2014

Liverpool: part of the "Type Motion" exhibition, opening: 13. November 2014 - 06.February 2015

Madrid: 21. February 2014, workshop: 19. February 2014

Riga: part of European Culture Capital program, several shows

Sao Paulo: 7.November-6.December 2014

If you have other ideas on how Urban Alphabets could be used or want to use the data accumulated on this website, please drop me an email:

mail [at] .